Indo Board Rocker With Roller (Mahogany)

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The Indo Rocker Board consists of a 33" X 16" wooden deck that has "rocker" curved upwards from the mid point to each end. This “rocker” bottom is extremely easy to rotate on the roller, allowing the rider to perform advanced balance board tricks like 180 or 360 degree spins. Additionally, the Indo Rocker Board does not have stops on the underside of the deck, which adds 7 inches of travel from end to end.


  • The INDO BOARD Rocker Is Specifically Designed For Balance Board Riders That Feel That They Have Mastered Their INDO BOARD Original Design.
  • Designed Specifically to Improve the Balance, Stability, Core Strength and the Agility.
  • Also Used to Improve the Core Strength, Agility, and Neuromuscular Response Needed in Sports such as MMA, Soccer, Football, Lacrosse, and Many Other Team Sports.
  • INDO BOARD Balance Boards Are Also Designed For A Wide Variety of Fitness Training Uses Including: Fitness Training, Both Upper and Lower Body Strength Training, Injury Prevention, Improving Kinetic Chain Stability, Physical Therapy, Injury Rehabilitation.


  • Deck size: 33” X 16” deck with non-slip grip coat applied
  • Roller size: 6.5” diameter with 3 non-slip strips
  • Cushion size (if applicable): 14” IndoFLO mouth-inflatable and adjustable
  • Deck construction: 11/16” cabinet-grade, Baltic Birch

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