3Doodler Start Science and Engineering Activity Kit




3Doodler Start Science and Engineering Activity Kit

The 3Doodler Start Science and Engineering Activity Set allows kids to become engineers as they build working models of various difficulty levels. Start with the basic hydraulic claw, advance to the roller coaster model, and then challenge your expertise with the mechanical flapping wings model.

This all-in-one kit comes with 3Doodler Start plastic, an Activity Guide with steps on building each model, DoodleMolds for creating parts and components, a silicone Joint DoodleMold, and more. Free tutorial videos for each project are available online. Get ready to construct, experiment and problem solve

Each kit contains:

2 DoodleMold Trays, 1 Silicone DoodleMold, 1 Steel Ball, 1 Hydraulic Pump and Tubing, 1 Tracing Sheet, 2 Packs of 3Doodler Start Plastic (8 colors, 48 strands), 1 Activity Guide (with 3 projects).

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