Indo Board MINI PRO FLO (Natural)

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The Indo Board Mini Pro Training Package consists of a 39" x 12" deck and our 24” diameter Gigante cushion (no roller included). The IndoFLO Gigante Cushion allows the user to experience a fluid 360 degree range of motion that exactly simulates the rail to rail or heel to toe movement that is prevalent in board sports. This product is a favorite among fitness trainers that work with advanced board sports athletes to improve their core strength and kinetic chain stability.


  • This Safe and Effective Design features our 39” X 14” Deck coupled with our 24” Gigante’ Inflatable Cushion and an Instructional DVD that has over Two Hours of Content. There is NO ROLLER included with this Product. The Mini Pro with Cushion is perfect for Stability Training and Physical Therapy.
  • The INDO BOARD Mini Pro with Cushion is designed specifically to improve the Balance, Stability, Core Strength and the Posture needed in everyday life. Because the 24” Gigante’ Cushion is Mouth-Inflatable, it allows the User to Inflate or Deflate the Cushion without the use of a Pump or Inflation Pin.
  • The INDO BOARD Mini Pro with Cushion is also used around the World for a Wide Variety of Uses including: Fitness Training, Both Upper and Lower Body Strength Training, Injury Prevention, Physical Therapy, Injury Rehabilitation, Sport-Specific Functional Training, Physical Education in Schools, Neuromuscular Training, Senior Fall Prevention and to Improve Focus at All Ages.
  • Since 1998 INDO BOARD Balance Boards have been used In Fitness Centers and High Performance Gyms all over the world.


  • Deck size: 39” X 12” deck with non-slip grip coat applied
  • Cushion size (if applicable): 24” Gigante’ mouth-inflatable and adjustable
  • Deck construction: 11/16” cabinet-grade, Baltic Birch
  • Available in 4 color options

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