Olympus AS-9004 ODMS R7 Transcription Module Upgrade (from R5 and R6) - Retail Box

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Olympus AS-9004 ODMS R7 Transcription Module Upgrade (from R5 and R6) Software

ODMS R7 (Olympus Dictation Management System Release 7) (for Windows)/ DSS Player for Mac is included in the AS-9000 Transcription Kit.This software is for you if you have replaced your computer and have misplaced your original software licence key or if you need to install the software on more than one computer.


  • Download dictation files automatically to shared folder upon connection of Olympus DS-9500, DS-9000, DS-2600 professional dictaphones
  • Playback, import and export encrypted and non-encrypted DSS, DSS Pro, WAV, WMA, and MP3 audio formats
  • Compatible with Olympus RS-28H and RS-31H foot pedals
  • Can be integrated with Dragon voice profile for background speech recognition (Windows only)
  • Accuracy of speech recognition can be further improved by adaptation (Windows only)
  • Transcription documents can be shared in a folder or sent via email for FTP and are linked automatically with original dictation files.
  • Status of a transcription can be determined at a glance
  • Transcription can be performed while listening to the dictation file in the Playback Control Window.
  • 256-bit AES encryption protecting your dictations when being transferred
  • Optional central administration via Olympus System Configuration Program


Available Licenses

  • Single License Key : Yes
  • Volume License Key : Yes

Receiving / Importing Dictations

  • Wireless from DS-9500 : No
  • Via USB Connection : Yes
  • Automatic Import from Emails: Yes
  • Dictation Workflow : Yes (via shared network folders)

Sending Dictations

  • E-mail : Yes
  • FTP: Yes
  • Document Templates : Yes
  • DSS Pro File Encryption : Playback (256-Bit AES encryption)

Transcription with Speech Recognition

  • Real-Time SR :No
  • Automatic Background SR : Yes
  • Automatic adaption of SR Profiles : Yes
  • Multi Language Support : Yes (By mapping multiple SR User Profile to authors)
  • Assign Templates to Users & Worktypes : Yes
  • Voice Field : Yes (to automatically add meta information into document), Yes (assistant to create templates)


  • Direct Recording : No
  • VCVA : No
  • Recorder Control via Footswitch : No
  • Set Index Marks & Voice Commands : No

Manual Transcription & Playback

  • Player Control via Footswitch : Yes
  • Customizable Transcribe Bar : Yes (size, buttons)
  • Variable Playback Speed : Yes
  • Channel Selection : Monoaural/Stereo/Left/Right
  • Join or Split Dictation File(s) : Yes
  • Setup Wizard :Yes (for ODMS and professional dictation devices)
  • Customizable GUI : Yes (to support both beginners and advanced users)

Types of Installation

  • Standalone : Yes
  • Workgroup : Necessary for a central administration of ODMS. Requires a Volume License Key

Central Administration

  • Required licenses : 1 license per server for SCP, Volume License for ODMS DM and TM required
  • SCP System Configuration Programme : Yes (for Central Administration)
  • Central Device Configuration : Yes
  • Administration of Users & Groups :Yes
  • AD import: Yes (without user heritage/permissions)
  • Setup Dictation Workflows :Yes
  • Central License Management :Yes
  • Lock Features for Users : Yes
  • MST File Generator : Yes (for silent installation)
  • Print Device ListYesSystem and File BackupYesMonitoring Console: Yes
  • File Downloader for Clients: Yes
  • Citrix & Terminal Server Support : Yes
  • Thin Client SupportYes (Contact us to check compatibility with your thin client model)

Special DS-9500 Features

  • Wireless Communication Service : Yes
  • Wifi / SSID Network Management : Yes
  • Wireless Device Configuration: Yes
  • Dictation Status on Device : Yes

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