Olympus RM-4010P USB Microphone (Push Button)

OlympusSKU: RM-4010P



Olympus professional dictation products are designed for use in Medical and Legal environments and provide a complete end-to-end dictation and transcription solution. Clients purchase Olympus products to achieve a highly reliable and efficient solution as well as maximise efficiency and reduce document turnaround time.

Recording Quality

The improved microphone technology in RecMic allows users to use Speech Recognition in various environments, ensuring the best speech recognition accuracy anytime and anywhere.

The capability to control the directionality is useful when you want to use the Speech Recognition in a noisy environment. Environmental noise such as noise coming from air conditioner or projector, and noise from people’s conversation can be drastically reduced by focusing on the sound source with the Intelligent Microphone System. This feature is only offered by the RecMic.

RecMic has an extra layer in the Pop Filter compared to the competition. This assures that breath noise is eliminated for all types of users, not to be dependent on how the user speaks into the microphone.

Cleanable Body

The combination of antimicrobial coating and the alcohol wipe resistance allows the user to clean up the device and keep it clean. Offering both features makes RecMic unique against our competitors.

Button Usability

Models without Trackball come with 7 function buttons which allows the user to allocate up to 7 shortcuts according to the user’s preference.

  • Push button model, suitable for speech recognition.
  • Improved trackball
  • Intelligent two-microphone system for recording under noisy environment
  • Smooth UV coating and silent buttons to reduce touch noise.
  • Antimicrobial body and alcohol resistance for medical use.
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