Uncaged Ergonomics Electric Standing Desk Conversion (Black)

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Uncaged Ergonomics Electric Standing Desk Conversion (Black)

Rests on top of your desk. No installation. Simple Assembly. Programmable height settings. VESA mount. Separate keyboard tray. Electric Standing Desk Conversion is a powered standing desk conversion kit that brings ease and convenience to your work routine. It’s portable, easy to use and smooth to operate. All-electric height adjustment quickly raises and lowers monitors letting you effortlessly move between sitting and standing throughout the workday. It's a compact, elegant standing desk conversion that helps create an "active desk" environment without breaking the bank.Ergonomic sit-stand desk riser converts your sitting desk into an adjustable height standing desk. Electric Standing Desk Conversion rests on top of your desk and features programmable memory height settings, universal VESA mount, and a separate keyboard tray for optimal ergonomics.

  • Sit, stand, & move throughout your day with our premium, motor-driven Electric Standing Desk Conversion. No Lifting!
  • HUGE ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT RANGE: position monitors at any height from ~6-43" (depending on the mounting position) above your desk!
  • SMOOTH: Quickly move up and down with our fast, smooth motor.
  • MEMORY: Use the auto up/down arrows and store 4 of your favorite heights for 1-touch adjusting.

How It Works:

  • No installation.
  • Simple assembly.
  • Plug it in and meet your new adjustable height ergonomic sit/stand desk!
  • Press the up/down button to adjust the height of your desk.
  • To use the memory setting:
  • (1) Press and hold "M" until the screen flashes
  • (2) Release "M" and press the number to store the height
  • To automatically adjust to your stored height, press the number. Yes, you can override the memory (just like a car stereo) by repeating steps 1 & 2 above.


  • Keyboard Tray: 28.25x12.25" | Height Range: 1-17.5" above your desk | Room for the mouse on right or left side
  • Top Panel: 34.75x13.75" | Height Range: 6-22.75" above your desk
  • Vesa Mount: 3.5-17.25" above the top panel.
  • Holds single or dual monitors.
  • Keypad: Auto up/down with 4-memory presets



  • Dimensions: 28.25x12.25"
  • Min Height: 1" (desk to top of panel)
  • Max Height: 17.5" (desk to top of panel)


  • Style: Universal Vesa Mount
  • Height Range: 3.5-17.25" above top panel
  • CONTROLLER: Auto up/down with 4 memory settings


  • Dimensions: 34.75x13.75"
  • Min Height: 6" (desk to top of panel)
  • Max Height: 22.75" (desk to top of panel)


  • Dimensions: 20.5x31.5"
  • Product Weight: ~50 lbs

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