weBoost Drive X RV Cell Signal Booster Kit

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weBoost Drive X RV 4G LTE (651410) Canada cell phone signal booster kit for RVs when moving/ in-motion OR parked. It is designed for use in all RV classes - particularly Class A and Class C, as well as towable campers and travel trailers. It is a reimagined powerful RV cellular booster with a dynamic and innovative outside antenna.


  • Modular antenna design for optimal positioning on RVs.
  • Outside antenna fits universal CB mounts (3/8-24 thread)
  • Spring base protects antenna from wind and low branches.
  • Works with ALL phones and cellular devices on ALL carriers.
  • Boosts cell signal in RVs when parked or while in motion.


  • Powerful Booster: With 50 dB in max gain, the Drive X RV delivers the strongest cell phone signal possible for multiple users and devices on all available network speeds - regardless of carrier.
  • Modular-Antenna Design: Drive X RV's enhanced outside antenna can be installed using several mounting configurations as well as varying height levels to help optimize its performance.
  • Everything needed for DIY self-installation is included within the kit.
  • User Friendly: It is designed for hassle-free, DIY installation - going from start to finish using nothing more than a screwdriver (all without the need to drill holes in your RV).


  • Long Battery Life (stays connected so device doas not have to search for signal connection constantly).
  • Upload & Download Faster.
  • Improves Reception.
  • Reliable Connection.
  • More Bars.
  • Increases Coverage.
  • Dead Zones reduced or eliminated.
  • Crystal Clear Voice.
  • Eliminates Dropped Calls.
  • Text Delivered Quickly.

Extra Mounting Options:

The side‐exit adapter allows for universal CB‐antenna mount installation with additional hardware to fit on any RV ladder or pole. It allows for cable access when installed with CB antenna mounts or the spring base. It works with universal CB antenna mounts and mirror brackets with 3/8-24 base thread for a clean install. Its mounting clamps fit ladder poles 1 inch to 2 inches in diameter to install the antenna either horizontally or vertically.

Modular Antenna Design:

Using the mast extension, the outside antenna can vary its height between 9.5 inches and 28.5 inches to rise past and above the RV's cab or any nearby obstructions to optimize performance. The spring base gives antenna higher impact absorption.

Longer Antenna Cable:

Equipped with a generous 25 feet length of RG‐6 extender cable, the Drive X RV allows for ideal placement inside largest RVs.

Durable Components:

All cellular devices being used in recreational vehicle will get simultaneous signal boost. Such devices can include smartphones, computer tablets, turbo sticks, internet sticks, air cards, mobile hotspots Mi-Fi, Jetpack, etc. This Canada version works for all cellular service providers in Canada such as Rogers Wireless, Telus Mobility, Freedom Mobile, and Bell Mobility.


  • MODEL NUMBER: 651410
  • FREQUENCIES: Band 12/17 700 MHz Band 13 700 MHz Band 5 850 MHz Band 4 1700/2100 MHz Band 2 1900 MHz
  • MAX GAIN: 50 db
  • POWER: 12VDC
  • BOOSTER DIMENSIONS: 6.25 x 4.25 x 1 in
  • Price: 699.99 dollars

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