4 Free Apps That Will Increase Your Mobile Security

As the number of tasks and activities we choose to do on our devices increases, mobile security becomes a more important concern every day. A few months ago we posted a blog questioning if antivirus for your smartphones and tablets is really necessary. While it may not be as much of a requirement as it is for your computers, a byte of prevention is always worth the possible headache of having your device infected.

Antivirus and security apps do a lot more than just protect your device from viruses. They help secure your mobile transactions, protect you from phishing e-mails, rogue apps and can also remotely track, lock or wipe your device if it is ever stolen.

There’s a bunch of these apps out there so here’s a round-up of 4 free antivirus/security apps for iOS and Android that you can download on your devices right now!

Note: Apple does not generally allow full antivirus/security solutions in their App Store therefore iOS options are limited to apps with general security features.


1. McAfee Mobile Security

iOS: McAfee Mobile Security for iOS consists of a secure media vault for restricting access to your photos and videos, locate and remote alarm to help you locate a lost or stolen on device (even when it’s on silent!), capture cam which will secretly take a snap of the person holding your lost device and email you their photo and location and back up, and restore and wipe for securing the possession of your contacts and restoring them to a new device.

Android: McAfee Mobile Security & Power Booster for Android contains an impressive amount of free features including antivirus and web protection, performance optimization, enhanced privacy features and anti-theft and security. An award-winning mobile security app, this Android solution will protect your phone to the fullest in addition to enhancing its overall performance.


2. Avast

iOS: Avast SecureMe protects your phone from unsecure WiFi connections so you can protect your privacy and browse worry-free. Manage your connections easily by being notified of any threats from the network you're connected to in order to prevent thieves from stealing your information. Avast Passwords helps you create unique and strong passwords for all of your accounts and store all your login details in a secure place. It also offers auto-fill forms you can use in your Safari browser.

Android: Much more than just an antivirus, Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus is a trusted and free security app for your Android. It will secure your devices from e-mail phishing attacks, infected websites or SMS messages and alert you to spyware/adware apps that are affecting your privacy. Some other features packed into this app include: antivirus engine, call blocker, firewall, charging booster, RAM boost, wifi speed test and much more.


3. Avira

iOS: Avira Mobile Security will provide your Apple device with multiple tools to manage the overall security of your device: Device Analyzer quickly provides current information about your device such as memory usage and storage space, Locate Device will allow GPS location capabilities for up to 5 devices, Avira Phantom VPN protects your online privacy, Avira Vault will lock away your data such as photos/videos, passwords, notes and credit card details for easy but secure access and Identity Safeguard will monitor any web or e-mail attacks.

Android: Avira Antivirus Security is a comprehensive free antivirus app for your Android Device. It will shield your device from malware, block unauthorized access from rogue apps, protect your private data from theft, and automatically scan for hidden malware. It also contains features such as anti-theft and recovery, identity safeguard and blacklists, device administration - perfect for the security-conscious user.


4. Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky offers a bunch of apps devoted to the security and management of your devices. Apple has unfortunately blocked Kaspersky (and many others) from creating a full antivirus solution for iOS devices; however you can download your choice among their wide range of apps that will precisely fit your needs. From Kaspersky Safe Browser to Kaspersky Password Manager and Kaspersky Safe Kids – here are our recommendations for each device. For more information search Kaspersky in your respective app store and take a look at all the apps they offer.

iOS: Using Kaspersky Safe Browser will keep your device protected from malicious links and content that may harm you. Or if you prefer using Safari as your browser, you can download Kaspersky’s AdCleaner which will block annoying popups, ads and ultimately keep your mobile web browsing private and clean from inappropriate content.

Android: Kaspersky Antivirus & Security is the full solution antivirus software for your Android device. It can protect your device from threats, block unwanted calls or texts and secure your personal information. There is both a premium ($) and free version available, the free version has a little less advanced features however still serves as a great antivirus option for your devices. As an alternative, Kaspersky Threat Scan is a simpler solution which offers direct threat scanning for your device and protection for your photos, bank info, contacts and messages.


Do you have a favorite antivirus app for your phone? Let us know in the comments!

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