4 Misconceptions About Buying Refurbished PC’s

Have you ever returned a new laptop or electronic device after purchase? Chances are that very same item has been refurbished and re-introduced to other potential buyers. While these devices can no longer be considered “Brand New”, that’s not to say that they won’t perform exactly the same.

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to buying refurbished products. Some people shy away from them because they believe refurnished = defective, however this is simply not the case. When you purchase a refurbished product, not only can you get it at a more attractive price, you can usually expect the same quality, and a warranty to go along with it.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about buying refurbished PC’s:


  • 1. Misconception: Refurbished = Defective.

There are a number of reasons why a product may be considered “refurbished”, and not all of them are due to faulty hardware or flaws. An item can be considered “refurbished” if it was used in field tests or sales displays, if was returned for reasons other than defects, if it was leased and so one… Refurbished items are tested for functionality before being re-introduced to the market. Some of the items are subjected to meticulous rebuilding processes, not too different from the rigorous inspection process that brand new units go through.


  • 2. Misconception: Refurbished = Used.

Unlike a “used” product, refurbished items are expected to be tested for functionality and defects before being reintroduced to the market whereas a “used” product is typical sold as is and there is no consumer protection or warranty involved.


  • 3. Misconception: Refurbished PC’s have a shorter lifespan.

So, we know that refurbished computers aren't exactly new, and some of them were returned by consumers for various reasons including faulty hardware. Naturally you will assume that since these refurbished computers came from previously used items, that the longevity may be compromised. Remember, refurbished computers technically had a very short usage period prior to their refurbishment, with some none at all, as with the case of surplus or clearance stock laptops and pre-built PCs. As such there should be no significant difference in the lifetime you can expect from your refurbished device.


  • 4. Misconception: Refurbished computers do not have a warranty.

Refurbished electronics are not sold as “used” or “defective”. You should expect the same quality as a new device and that includes a warranty like any other tech consumer item. Always check with the store what the warranty is for refurbished items as it likely won’t be the same as a new device, but should at least include three months, this way if there are any problems you can have it replaced/refunded.


The beauty of buying a refurbished device is that you can get the tech you love at a much better price. At the end of the day, if you have confidence in the store and manufacturer then buying a refurbished device can be an excellent option.

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