Foldio Halo Bar - Magnetic LED Lighting Bar for Foldio3 Lightbox

FoldioSKU: M2100R



Foldio Halo Bar | Create the most optimal lighting conditions for your needs

The Halo Bar is designed to make your custom photography experience even more sophisticated and accurate! The light strip is provided with a holding magnet and can be easily attached to the sides or bottom of the Foldio3. Together with the included lighting of the Foldio3 studio, you have the opportunity to customize your individually required lighting conditions even more precisely. Independent of the Foldio3 LED lighting, the Halo Bar can not only play with the mood and harmony of the lighting, but also create dozens of varying atmospheres for your pictures.

Additionally, the dimming controller of the Foldio3 Studio offers you the possibility to continuously adjust and adjust both the Halo Bar and the fixed LED light of the Foldio3.

Highlights & Specs:

  • A set of magnetic attachable LED bars for the Foldio3 Lightbox
  • The Halo Bar is attachable and can be fixed on the side or bottom magnetic spots of Foldio3 according to your needs
  • Get better lighting conditions by combining the Halo Bar lights with the main lights of the Foldio3

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