JLab Audio EPIC Executive Wireless ANC Earbuds (Black)




JLab Audio | EPIC Executive Wireless ANC Earbuds

This is the real deal. The Epic Executive Wireless Active Noise Canceling Earbuds let you feel like you’re about to run the show. Let the Active Noise Canceling Technology tune out the world while you GO to your next big business meeting, that dream job interview, or the championship game.

With 7 hours of Bluetooth and ANC playtime, 11 hours of Bluetooth playtime, and 50 hours of ANC playtime, you can hit the road. Turn ANC on and off, control your music, or take phone calls, all without ever touching your device. With endless features to adjust the earbuds to fit your ear and comfort, the Exec is here to GO with you.


  • 24 hours Bluetooth® playtime
  • Included charging case
  • Class 1 Bluetooth 5 connection for clear, bold sound
  • IP55 sweat resistance
  • 3 EQ sound settings: JLab Signature, Balanced, Bass Boost
  • Auto on & connect out of the case


Get in the zone with the Epic Executive’s Active Noise Canceling Technology. Up to 7 hours of Bluetooth and noise-canceling sound. Click ANC on to really focus on the music or to simply drown out the noise around you. Canceling 90% of background noise, your music will sound better than ever.


Up to 11 hours of Bluetooth wireless connectivity, the Epic Executive connects to your device via Bluetooth 4.1 from up to 30+ feet away. Plus the included adaptor can connect to any 3.5mm so you can watch movies on flights and keep going wired if you forget to recharge the battery.


All your controls are right at your fingertips so you can play, pause, change tracks, and adjust volume. Seamlessly, take phone calls with the in-line remote and built-in digital MEM microphones.


Multiple sets of gel tips and Cush Fins™ help you get your custom fit. Plus, you can adjust the length of the cable to your ear for your ideal length and comfort. Pop on its included neckband for extra cushioning around your neck and you’re ready to GO. As well as an IP54 rating for sweat and moisture.


Includes / Specs:

  • 7-hour Bluetooth 4.1 & ANC playtime
  • 11-hour Bluetooth playtime
  • 50-hour Active Noise Canceling playtime
  • IP54 sweatproof
  • AUX cord adaptor for wired plug-in
  • Pop on neckband
  • Digital MEM microphones for phone calls
  • 4 sets standard eartips (XS, S, M, L)
  • 1 set triple flange eartips (M)
  • 1 set Cloud Foam™ eartips (M)
  • 2 Cush Fins
  • Micro USB cable
  • Travel case
  • JLab Two Year Warranty

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