Nuance Dragon Analog Headset

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Nuance Dragon Analog Headset

The Nuance Dragon Analog Headset is an excellent choice for Dragon speech recognition and Internet communication. The stereo headset is adjustable and has foam ear cushions for comfort. The noise-cancelling boom microphone filters out background noise and is Nuance-certified for use with Dragon speech recognition. Two 3.5mm plugs connect to your computer's microphone and headphone jacks for plug-and-play compatibility. This headset is an excellent choice for Dragon and general computer audio applications.


  • Colour coded plugs: Insert the pink microphone plug into your computer’s microphone jack and the brown plug into the speaker jack.
  • Adjustable Headband: You can adjust the headband up or down to ensure a good comfortable fit.
  • Rotating Microphone Boom: You can swivel the microphone boom up to 270° so you can place the microphone on either left or right side, depending on preference. Adjust the microphone boom so that it is at the same level or height as your mouth.
  • Bendable Microphone Boom: This allows you to set the distance between your mouth and the microphone for optimal audio performance. The microphone is marked with the text “TALK” to show which side should be facing towards your mouth when you speak.

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