Olympus AS-9003 ODMS R7 Dictation Module Upgrade (from R5 and R6) - Download

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Olympus As-9003 ODMS R7 Dictation Module Upgrade (from R5 and R6) Software

ODMS R7 offers two modules designed for the two key roles in professional dictation. With this dictation hardware, the customer receives a license for the dictation module. It interfaces with the locally installed voice recognition software Dragon by Nuance. In this way, the author has the freedom to choose between three methods to convert speech to text: Classic Dictation, Automatic Transcription, and Advanced Transcription.

The ODMS R7 is typically installed in stand-alone mode in environments that do not require centralized management and deployment. For smaller network environments, standalone mode is better because dictations are more likely to be stored on a single server or host computer, or emailed to the transcriptionist.

Simple and collaborative speech-to-text workflow

Quickly and easily share dictation files via email, a shared folder or FTP. Automatic and manual tagging of your dictations makes the workflow fast and secure.

Track the status of your Dictations in Real-Time

Keep an eye on your workflow with status updates. When combined with the DS-9500, you can monitor the progress of every dictation at any time even on the mobile voice recorder, freeing your mind for other tasks. In the list view of ODMS, you can also prioritise important dictations and make your workflow more transparent and effective.

Multilingual speech recognition support

Creates dedicated author profiles for each language package/Dragon user profile. This enables transcription of dictations in a variety of different languages (desired Dragon language package must be purchased and installed separately).

Central Administration Browser

Software and hardware can be centrally managed in a web browser. Individual user configurations are easy to manage. (Administration Package must be purchased separately in addition to ODMS Dictation and Transcription modules).


  • Modern flat design (GUI)
  • Seamless interface to Dragon Speech Recognition
  • Classic dictation
  • Automatic transcription
  • Advanced transcription
  • Supports RecMic II
  • Secure workflow
  • Efficient document creation

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