Philips ACC8120 Docking Station

PhilipsSKU: ACC8120



Support your workflow
 with a the Philips Pocket Memo USB dock
ing station

Dock your Pocket Memo digital dictation recorder for fast and easy transfer of your dictation files, charge the batteries and keep your device always ready for use. For hands-free dictating/transcribing, place your Pocket Memo in the USB dock and connect the optional foot pedal LFH-2210.

Automatic upload of dictation files for fast dictation workflow

Just dock your Pocket Memo dictation recorder to the USB dock and enjoy the easiest way to transfer your dictation files to the computer in seconds.

Fast charging for high productivity

The USB dock charges the batteries of your Pocket Memo dictation recorder to keep it always ready for use. Supporting fast recharging, the USB dock recharges the batteries in only 2.5 hours.

Hands-free dictation and direct for more freedom of movement

Enjoy the freedom of hands-free dictating by placing your Pocket Memo dictation recorder in the USB dock. It also supports recording directly onto your computer while your Pocket Memo dictation recorder is in the USB dock (DPM-8000, DPM8500, DPM7000).

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