Philips LFH0005 30-Minute Mini Cassette Tape

PhilipsSKU: PSP-LFH0005/60



Philips PSP-LFH0005 | 30 Minutes MINI Cassette Tape

Specially designed for dictation, this Philips mini cassette is perfect for professional environments. The unique design guarantees long-lasting performance.

Key Features:

  • 30 minute MINI cassette tape; 15 minutes on each side
  • High quality - made for the daily demands of professional dictation and transcription
  • Leaderless
  • For recorders that use minicassettes
  • Designed to cope faultlessly with the stop-and-start demands of dictation recording and transcribing
  • Clip firmly attaches to file folders for convenient storage
  • Storage capacity: 30 minutes

Full Features:

  • Compatible with any mini cassette recorders and transcribers
  • 30 minute MINI cassette tape; 15 minutes on each side
  • Packed and sold individually (EA)
  • Avoids tape damage with direct drive solution
  • Protective clip ensures safe tape handling
  • Transparent windows allows view of remaining recording time
  • Records up to 30 minutes of sound


  • 1 x Philips Mini Cassette Tape 30 minute LFH 0005


  • Compatible with any mini cassette recorders or transcribers:
  • Dictaphone 1244 , 1243, 1253, 1254, 1740, 1750, 1710, 1720
  • Philips - All models

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