Philips LFH2305 USB Hand Control

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Key Features

Can be used with or without wrist rest or attached to your keyboard.

Anti-slip pads keep the hand control in the right place.

Full Features:

User friendly

Control buttons can be accessed easily by the user’s thumb – using it similar to the keyboard space bar.

Fast and easy set-up for hassle- free installation. Simply smart

Just unplug a Philips USB foot control, plug in the new hand control, and you are ready to transcribe.


Package contents:

1x Control unit

1x Wrist rest

1x Rubber mat

1x HW driver CD

1x Digital Professional

Products Brochure

1x Instruction for use in 6 languages (EN, GR, FR, ES, NL,SV)


Connectivity: USB

Dimensions: 480 × 252 × 22 mm / 18.9 × 9.9 × 0.9 in.

Weight: 597 g / 21 oz.

Color: Black


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