Philips LFH7277 Pro Executive Transcription Kit

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The Philips SpeechExec Pro Transcription Set LFH7277

is a powerful and user-friendly digital transcription system that turns your computer into a highly sophisticated transcription machine. Providing a whole range of benefits to the busy transcriptionist, the software streamlines communications and allows you to organize recordings clearly and transparently. Together with a set of ergonomic accessories, SpeechExec Pro Transcription Set LFH7277 is the solution that sets the pace in today's fast-moving business world.

NOW WITH SPEECHEXEC PRO (1 User/ 2 Year License)
Speech Recognition Integration Just Got Better

Following the release of SpeechExecSR Pro 6 we gained enhanced experience on how speech recognition is used together with the SpeechExec workflow on a daily basis.

SpeechExec 8.x Pro enables speech recognition support not only within SpeechExec, but it is now also possible to control speech recognition with a SpeechMike in other applications like Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook while SpeechExec is running in the background. This effectively closes the gap between document creation and the review process.


The most striking change in SpeechExec 8.x Pro is the new user interface design. This not only includes new application icons, splash screens and toolbar icons, but also a completely modernized and simplified user interface that meets the standards of modern PC applications.


With the goal to improve the usability of SpeechExec we ran scientific usability investigations for over a year. This process was driven by usability specialists. Through this process we gained new insights how our speech to text solution is used by end users, and where usability problems may occur.

Based on that experience we could improve the SpeechExec user interface in general, but we could also realize some brand-new, end-user driven features and functions that make SpeechExec 8.x Pro an outstanding digital dictation system.


After 6 years in the market SpeechExec says goodbye to hardware-based licensing.

SpeechExec 8.x Pro now contains a convenient and future proof web-based license system which is more flexible and more reliable compared to the previous Smart Key concept.

Key benefits
  • Visual workflow management enables priority documents to be transcribed in order of preference
  • Speech Recognition integration included when you purchase the "SR" module
  • Actual job information during transcription provides all relevant dictation data, such as length, author name, key words and priority status
  • Individual organization of workload with multiple sort/filter options
  • Clear job overview (dictation, author information, length etc.) allows more efficient organization and planning of workloads
  • "New job" alarm for immediate transcription start
  • Foot Control can be used to operate transcription functions
  • Ergonomic earphones reduce physical stress
  • Excellent DSS sound quality
  • Automatic transfer of dictation files via network, e-mail and FTP
  • Speech Recognition-ready

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