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The weBoost Destination RV is our most powerful cell signal booster designed for large RVs, toy haulers, and trailers. For use only when parked, the booster stops dropped calls, improves video streaming, and increases data speeds, especially in remote areas. Every passenger gets strong, reliable signal on all cellular-enabled devices on all carrier networks.

The booster kit includes an outside directional antenna that mounts on a 25-foot telescoping pole to target nearby cell towers. This technology is 5G ready and works on almost any camper or trailer, providing maximum signal inside your RV. The initial DIY installation process takes approximately 30 minutes, and each subsequent takedown and setup takes about 10 minutes.


  • weBoost Destination RV Cellular Signal Booster System
  • Bring The Most Powerful Cellular Signal To Any Campsite!
  • The weBoost Destination RV is our most powerful cell signal booster designed for large RVs, toy haulers, and trailers.
  • The weBoost Destination RV System (470159) is designed to provide max coverage in large RVs. The Destination RV works with all classes of trailers, toy haulers, and campers. Remote workers and students enjoy fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, uninterrupted texts, faster data speeds, better streaming, and improved hot spot capability when stationary.
  • By targeting nearby cell towers (using an outside directional antenna mounted on a 25-foot telescoping pole), the Destination RV is ideal for use during long stays in remote areas. The Destination RV is compatible with cellular-connected tablets and devices on all U.S. carrier networks, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular. It meets all FCC guidelines and won’t interrupt or harm any carriers’ signal to or from the cell tower.
  • The Destination RV is backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Who I Most Likely To Use This System
  • Summertime and long weekend RVers who stay in the same area for more than two days
  • RVers and campers who need to stay connected to work or school for a longer trip
  • Permanent remote workers and students who live and work from their trailer or camper
  • Powerful Amplification: By raising the outside directional antenna far above the RV, campers can safely use a residential-grade booster and panel antenna to extend max coverage inside.
  • Optimal Range: With 65 dB max gain, the Destination RV targets nearby cell towers to improve signal on all devices and every carrier network. It’s so powerful, it can only be used when parked.
  • Easy Installation: Initial installation takes about 30 minutes for most users with each subsequent takedown and setup taking about 10 minutes. The flat window cable can routed through the slide out, removing the need for any drilling. If needed, the coax cable can also be routed through the floor.


  • It is designed to provide max coverage in large RVs during extended travel.
  • It instantly improves talk, text, and data in any camper or trailer.
  • Installation is a snap. Once the mounting brackets are secured and the cables routed, setup and takedown take about 10 minutes.
  • Everyone can enjoy a better cell signal anywhere because it works with all cellular devices on all network carriers.
  • We’re ready for 5G and beyond. The booster will keep working for the next decade.
  • We’re the only U.S.-based company that designs, assembles, and tests our cell signal boosters in the United States. Our products are not manufactured in China.
  • All of our boosters are backed by our 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • It’s safe to use and approved by the FCC and ISED. All you need to do is
  • Register your new booster online by following the instructions in the included installation guide.

What Is Included?

  • The weBoost Destination RV System in includes everything you need to install a powerful cellular signal booster system including:
  • Destination RV Cellular Booster
  • Outdoor Directional Antenna
  • Indoor Panel Antenna
  • Telescoping Pole (Up to 25') and Mount Assembly (900203)
  • QTY 1 30ft RG6 Cable
  • QTY 2 15ft RG6 Cables
  • Cable Adapter (to join 2 of the RG6 Cables if needed)
  • Flat Window Cable
  • AC/DC Power Supply (850012)
  • 12v DC Fused Hardwire Power Supply (851111)
  • Installation Guide

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