Do you need Antivirus for your Tablet / Smartphone?

When it comes to digital security, most people are uncertain whether they are protected. There are tons of products on the market that promise to protect your computer from all sorts of malware and viruses, but now as non-pc devices become more and more popular, how do you ensure that your devices and digital information are protected?

Tablets and smartphones, though technically considered mobile computers, do not really fall under the usual PC category. As such, most people are uncertain whether they should purchase antivirus for their device. The answer to the issue doesn't always entail a clear yes or no, however there are a number of basic ideas and concepts which you can learn and take as the basis of your final decision. If you only take a few points from this article let it be this:

Installing antivirus for tablets and phones is:

  1. Not necessarily needed if you only use apps downloaded from official app stores and are a cautious downloader.
  2. However; A byte of prevention is worth a terabyte of security.
  3. Third party apps would make antivirus a standard necessity.
  4. A good option when offered as part of a total security package.

How real is the threat?

Before any kind of malware hysteria gets into anyone’s head, first remember that malicious software apps would most likely not get the chance to be in your phone. Such apps would most likely be filtered first through their respective official app stores. Chances are that the malware wouldn’t pass normal design standards, and will be instantly booted out of search lists before it has any chance to infect your smartphone or tablet.

Even so, it's just a sooner or later issue right?

Quality control aside, the sheer number of apps being developed and uploaded to official app stores each month does make it statistically possible to let slip one or two malware that could potentially affect your device. Regular preventive measures and basic safety habits can help brush these possible issues aside. If you properly check app dates, or consistently confirm the app's authenticity, then there almost no need to use antivirus for tablets and smartphones.

Then, installing antivirus for tablets and smartphones isn't needed at all?

Well, yes… and no. There are still some technical reasons why you should consider protecting your non-pc device. One good example of this is if you're downloading apps from third party sources. Since third party apps are not filtered through official channels, the risk of encountering malicious software is increased exponentially. In this case, a direct scanning tool (provided with an antivirus application) is your most straightforward preventive measure.

Another good reason to consider an antivirus application, is the fact that many well known and popularly downloaded antivirus apps are actually all-in-one packages that are intended to provide malware protection as part of its integrated service. Since you won't necessarily need antivirus for scanning and detection on your tablet/smartphone alone, most security suites provide additional digital security designed to work with its basic system instead, such as password managers, secure wallets etc.

Can I make my antivirus work on BOTH my tablet and smartphone?

Absolutely, and this doesn't just mean downloading two separate apps for two separate devices. One important selling point for the all-in-one packages is that these softwares can be integrated on a number of different interconnected devices. At this point you are no longer just downloading any antivirus app from an app store, but would instead be setting up a total security package.

A total security package is as it sounds; a security package that is made to work on most, or all aspects of security, on almost every single device that you own and use within a defined local network. This means that total security not only works on both tablets and smartphones, but on PCs and other related high-end devices and setups as well. Perhaps the most basic benefit to this type of system is its data sharing functions, with some packages even offering online backup data plans in case things go downright awry (Symantec Norton Security is a good example). When you are planning to purchase antivirus for your PC you should consider the added benefit of choosing a total security package that will also protect and enhance your tablet/smartphones functionality.

While the investment cost for multi-device antivirus security packages will be greater than the fees for a basic antivirus app, you will get far more services and options and functionality, which ultimately makes the total security package an inviting option.

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