How to Enjoy Summer Indoors with Razer

Taking a break after a week of camping in the woods, and being worried about boredom at home? Steam has some awesome sale this summer. If you don’t know, Steam is a gaming platform where you can create an account, buy games, collect achievement markers, chat with friends and have your progress saved to Valve’s Steam cloud! If you’re worried about Steam not having games for a casual and chill gamer like you, you are missing out. Steam’s library contains shooter online RRPG to puzzle, hidden objects, or point and click story games!

Steam is a platform fully designed to meet all your gaming needs. They’ve got amazing games on sale for you this summer. New games are always coming out and if you’re patient enough, you can wait for seasonal sales where prices drop to as low as 80% off! Otherwise, you can always find affordable games at a good price starting from $20. Get updates as well, from your favorite game developers on their new release, game updates and remakes to feed your nostalgia.  

If you are still healing from the sunburn you took home with you after that awesome lake-diving day, you can also try out Esports Camp!

Esports Camp

Did you know esports camp is available in North America? An interactive camp that brings together gamers from different places to learn new skills, practice, and grow daily. At Esports camp, emphasis is laid on individual development and improvement. Daily routine exercises are designed to ensure that gamers are well developed and built both mind and body.

At Esports camp, we also believe in interactive learning, which involves sharing new ideas, facing new challenges, and healthy competition. Campers are grouped in teams, with each teammate having similar skills and strengths. They all interact, compete and grow together.

Campers at Esports are also trained to develop their physical and mental health. This helps them manage stress from playing games and other daily activities. It is worth noting that Esports camp is not all about gaming but an avenue to meet new people and also upgrade your gaming skills.

Playing Steam Games on Your Mobile

Before, many gamers have been wondering if they can actually play Steam games from their mobile devices aside from using their desktop. It is possible. The steam link app which can be downloaded on the Google play store, has now made it possible for people to play steam games on their android devices rather than on desktops.

Razer Products

  • You can purchase your Razer mobile game controllers from ITfactory at a giveaway price. ITfactory has various Razer mobile game controllers compatible with any of your mobile devices. Check out the Razer Kishi gaming controller for Android devices, the jungle cat dual-sided mobile controller and many more controllers for your mobile devices.


  • This Razer Kishi gaming controller for Android devices uses the USB type C, and unlike other Bluetooth controller devices which produce lag, it is responsive and very fast. With the USB type C, you can plug it into your charging port and use it with your mobile device. The ergonomic built of this game controller are designed for easy handling and a soft touch while playing the game. This prevents the controller from falling or slipping from your hands. The Razer Kishi also has an available version for iPhone iOS. Head to ITfactory and purchase this Razer controller at a lower price.


  • We also have gaming keypads with programmable keys. These keyboards allow you to create your own shortcuts and align tasks to specific keys, making them very easy and convenient to use. It has Razer Analog Optical Switches which can register degrees of input the more you progress in the game, allowing for more flexible and measured control.


  • If you are looking for standard keyboards, Razer offers high-class gears to use with your desktop for a fantastic gaming experience. These mechanical keyboards redefine the boundaries of precision and speed. These keyboards are recommended for competitive games where 0.5 seconds of reaction time makes a difference. League of Legends, we’re looking at you.


  • Aside from our Keyboard packages, ITfactory also has varieties of gaming Razer Mouse with advanced ergonomic built and aesthetic mousepads for your desktop computers. The perfect complement for your unrivaled gaming skills.


  • With Razer products, be sure to enjoy live streaming either on Twitch or YouTube. Have your subscribers enjoy the game with you while you broadcast your gaming sessions with these Razer microphones. Available in a variety of types and colors to cater to your aesthetics. Record your games and share them with friends!


  • Gaming is not fun-filled if you don’t have your headset with a microphone Check out some Razer headsets with microphones to enjoy complete sound while playing your games. Our microphones which have low noise production, give you clear speech while communicating with other players during live sessions.

Hurry now and purchase any Razer products to get a discount. Razer promotion for July is currently on. For any Razer products you buy during July, you get a 10% discount, which automatically applies during checkout.

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