What is voice recognition software and how does it work

No one will be surprised by the voice assistants of Google or Siri, voice control in the car, and so on. We have become accustomed to these technologies and understand how they save time and make life more comfortable. But speech recognition technology provides much more opportunities:

  • optimization of business processes;
  • marketing campaigns analysis;
  • increasing sales, etc.

It should be understood the intricacies of voice recognition software in more detail, how it works and how to use it.

What is voice recognition?

Voice Recognition is a technology that can be used to convert human speech into text. The speech recognition system can work autonomously, or it can learn the pronunciation features of a particular user. Voice recognition is part of speech recognition technology.
One of the options for using this technology is to use biometric verification to restrict access to personal files. The system remembers the person's voice and distinguishes it from other voices.
Speech recognition technology appeared at the end of the last century, but programs learned how to qualitatively convert human speech into text only in the 2000s. Today, speech recognition systems are widely used in everyday life and in business.

How does voice recognition work

Automatic Speech Recognition is based on a complex multi-stage algorithm, so it is worth understanding the general principle of operation. For example, if you say any phrase or word to the voice assistant, it will hear a sound signal without clear boundaries. The system reconstructs the phrase reproduced by the person from this continuous signal as follows:

First, the device records a voice request, and the neural network analyzes the speech stream. The wave of sound is divided into fragments - phonemes.

The neural network then looks at its templates and matches the phonemes with a letter, syllable, or word. Next, an order is formed from the words known to the program, and it inserts unknown words according to the context. As a result of combining information from these two stages, speech is turned into text.

What is voice recognition software?

Speech recognition software is a special computer program or application that recognizes spoken language and automatically converts it to written text. Speech is analyzed in terms of spoken words, meaning, and speaker characteristics to achieve the most accurate result.


How accurate is voice recognition

At the dawn of development, the process of working Speech-to-Text consisted of an elementary acoustic model - the human speech was compared with patterns. But the number of dictionaries in the system was not enough for accurate recognition, so the program often made mistakes.
Thanks to the trainability of neural networks, the quality of speech recognition has increased significantly. The algorithm knows the typical sequence of words in live speech and can perceive the structure of the language - this is how the language model works. And each newly processed voice information affects the processing quality of the next one, reducing the number of errors.

Tips for using voice recognition software

While speech recognition software is good at recognizing voices, it still doesn't work perfectly. Therefore, in order to make the software work as best as possible you should read some useful tips.

  1. Speak clearly. Apps recognize speech better when they receive more precise queries.
  2. Don't forget punctuation. If you use speech recognition software to take notes, then when dictating entire sentences, you must say each period, comma, question mark, and so on. The software is not yet smart enough to figure it out on its own.
  3. Learn a few commands. Take the time to learn a few simple commands like "new line" to enter a line break.
  4. Practice more. It takes some time to get used to the software. The more you practice, the easier and faster you will get the hang of it.

Our opinion of Voice recognition software

Voice recognition is non-contact, and most importantly, easy-to-use technology. Every year the number of users of voice assistants is growing, and this indicates that this technology is becoming more and more popular. It also indicates that people prefer comfort when choosing voice recognition technology to perform simple routine tasks:

  1. Information search.
  2. Compilation of documentation.
  3. A set of messages.
  4. Home control and more.

In addition, now there are more and more companies that use speech recognition as part of a multilayer security system and for other purposes, using the best voice recognition software for this.


Voice recognition technology simplifies everyday tasks and helps develop many professional areas. In business, this technology is used to effectively communicate with customers and quickly process large amounts of data. Phone call analytics, speech-to-text apps, and voice robots reduce costs, increase the average check and study the real needs of customers.

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